FNCE 3415 Valuation and Financial Modeling


I will post videos to this page throughout the semester. The videos will mostly be solutions to homework or in-class Excel exercises; the videos are not a replacement for my lectures. Videos should not be used in lieu of coming to class. Excel can be difficult to learn therefore I make these videos in case you get lost in class and need to revisit a topic. Please use them as an additional resource to help learn valuation and modeling.

Financial Statement Videos

Homework 1 Lemonade Stand Exercise

Video #1: Homework 1

This video works through Homework 1, building an income statement and balance sheet for a fictional Lemonade stand company.

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Video #2: Lemonade Stand Exercise

This video works through the in-class exercise on our fictional lemonade stand. It is an extension of Homework 1; we add more complex transactions and build out a cash flow statement. The solution file is the same from above.

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